Sunday, June 5, 2011


I'm sooo wedding'ed (a word I just made up) out! I have been in my 3 wedding in 2 month this June 11th. Weddings are always something fun to witness, I like to see every one's reactions to everything that goes on. I like to see the things this family does and this family doesn't do.

Some of my closest friends are getting married this year. I am happy to say I got to be a part of them all. Kristi and Justin, Danielle and JD, and Stephanie and Chris. This next weekend I will be in April and Cliff's. Then before I know it it will be JESS and MATT (my very

When I am at these wedding I caught my self judging everyone around me, not in a bad way. Just in the way that I am being probably over observant. For an example: At one wedding I was shocked that while standing up in the wedding the preacher pulled his iPhone out of his pocket and started messing with it in the middle of the ceremony: now I'm sure he was reading a scripture or something out of it, but really!

While I attend these weddings I'm telling myself I don't want this at mine or I do want this at mine....I hate that I can't just enjoy the simple fact that I was witnessing a new chapter opening in someone life. I am too busy being critical and judgemental.Now, my wedding will be in 7 months and the last thing I want is people saying this and that about my wedding, SO I am going to stop being judgemental and start just enjoying life as it is......

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