Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wedding Dress

Well, I got my wedding dress Monday.....YAY! I have found that I am not the typical bride. I'm not quite sure this is a good thing or a bad thing. First of all, I am probably the least romantic girl you will ever meet. I 'm serious....if you don't believe me, ask . I'm sure he will tell (poor guy).
Anyways, during the "finding of the perfect dress" the lady was like "here is a magazine with all our dresses in the new winter 2011 catalog. Pick out some you like and I'll get them for you to try on" I was like perfect. So, I picked a couple out that I thought were me, something I would wear. It wasn't a Cinderalla dress, or anything puffy, sparkly or whatever most girls look for in a wedding Although I'm not going to lie but I did pick out one dress that I didn't really think was me, but I was going to try it on for "fun". So the lady comes back and was like "well is there any dresses you liked in the magazine"......There was a picture of a dress and it just showed the back of the dress and of course it was really pretty. I said What's the front of this dress look like. She looked at the magazine and said "o we don't have that dress"....I was like ...Uhm , Ok! Then I was like what about this dress? She was like " O yeah, we don't have that dress either......STOP, ok, right there.......WHY would you give your customers a magaizine to pick out wedding dresses when you don't even carry the dresses in the magazine....LOL. So I said if you don't have these dresses why did you give me this magazine to pick out these dresses. She proceeded to tell me that the magazine was new so  they haven't got in some of the dresses in the magazine....which is totally fine and acceptable, but how about telling the person that is going to be spending hundreds of dollars in store that you don't carry all the dresses in the magazine yet, since it is new......HONESTLY!
Luckily, the one I really liked they had in the store......the only other complaint I have is why you do you carry large sizes of dresses in the dresses that normally smaller girls would wear. The dress I decided on was a size 12, put a size 12 dress on a size 2 frame.....really hard to tell what the dress is going to look like, don't ya think! Anyway's I got the dress, and I wish I could post some pictures, but they won't be released until Dec. And the pictures will probably be from my photographer, who by the way is an AMAZING photographer and I am super excited to have her shoot my wedding. If anyone is interested you need to check out Kathy McCloy Photography, just go to google and type in the name and BAM, it will probably be the first link that pops up.
SO, now that I got that off my chest......I was thinking tonight during my 4 mile run in the 95degree weather that I am going to try to start writing more blog.....really my life has been somewhat boring lately (well not completely, but I don't want to put some things about my life on the internet for the whole WWW to, so I PROMISE I will start posting more blogs...... :)

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