Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Paranormal ACTIVITY......for real!

OK, a couple weeks ago I was a part of a paranormal activity investigation with a team out of Kansas City, MO (it was actually a lady in the team, not the whole team). I learned what tools they use on investiagtions and how they are used. There is device called an EMF meter that I used during the investigation. It has 3 lights on it green, yellow, and red. It's always on green, when it hits yellow is when there is the most paranormal activity. When the red light comes on it just means there is electrical interference, something like walking by a outlet or something like that.

We went to the Saline County Nursing Home which was also used as a dormitory for the last several years for the Rodeo Team at Missouri Valley College. However, at the time of this investiagtion no one had been living in it for about 1 year.
This is a picture of the nursing home apparently it was a high school as well....lol (who knew)

Anyways, back to my story....
There are stories of how this place is haunted, plus, it was a nursing home which means people most likely passed while they were there, leaving their sad soles behind ......

I have heard stories from past students on the Rodeo team and other students that have experienced some "paranormal activity" while being in the building. Matt has told me some stories that he experienced in the building as well.

We started the investigation at about 7pm on a Monday night on March 7, 2011. When we first arrived we did a walk through which is pretty much self explaintory, we walked through the building with all the lights on starting on the main floor going to the basement then to the second floor. Then we turned off all the lights and starting our investigation. There were about 8 of us so when you hear some clips some of the voices you hear are really people in our group....lol. We walked through the first floor, basement, and then second floor. There is an elevator in the building that does not work, but have been told that it has worked before and apparently works every now and then.....(interesting).

During our investigation I had the EFM meter in my hand, there were only several places in the whole building that the YELLOW light when crazy, which means it was expericening the most paranormal activity. It was mostly in the basement. There was one or two spots in the main floor where we had some activity but not a whole lot, the second floor there wasn't much of anything.

I have some pictures and audio that I want to share with you so I can have some other opinions. In some of the pictures I think there are some ORBS. The definition of an orb in the paranormal world is the soul of a once living person or animal that appears in pictures as spherical shapped light. Most of the time, when orbs are captured in a picture some people automatically think the place is haunted, but there are some explainations you need to keep in mind when you see these orbs. It could be a dust particle or some kind of a reflection of another light. There are some orbs in the pictures I have that I think are skeptical, but then there are a couple that really freak me out because I don't think there is a logical explaintion for why they showed up in the picture.

You might need to save these to your computer and blow up the area so you can see the orb better. I this picture the orb is to the right of the florissant light. Looks kind of like a little bubble.

This one is a bit skeptical I think, the spot or orb is on the left wall a couple inches above the brown trim in the middle of the wall. According to the professionals in paranormal investigation say stairwells usually pick up a lot of paranormal activity.

This one is freaky, when you blow it up and look closer, this ball above the girl in camo's head is amost invisible you can see through it. This is a GREAT example of and orb (I think).Plus, this is the basement where we experience a large amount of paranormal acitivity which is another reason why I truely think this is the sole of a once living person.

This one freaks me out because it's right by my head, and I knew there was some kind of paranormal activity going on at the time because the meter was YELLOW.

I have some audio but I need to cut it down, so I will update this with the audio as soon and I get everything updated! Leave a comment or something about what you think about the orbs.....

Thanks! I hope you like this blog!

Happy Haunting!

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