Sunday, March 20, 2011


Well, It's OFFICAL! Matthew and I are ENGAGED! I NEVER thought I would be writing a blog about being engaged or getting married anything like that. It's amazing how things change and how people, circumstances, and situations happen.

Yesturday, March 19th, 2011 was our 3 year anniversary! Crazy, I know! When I was first intrduced to Matt was my freshman year of college. Funny story, but he was trying to get with my roommate....LOL. I thought he was a flirt and just like every other Valley baseball player....a "PLAYA" He say's he thought I was the hottest girl at Valley and always wanted to talk to me but was afraid to talk to me....HA HA HA!

And now, 8 years later here we are......ENGAGED! Matt is one of the best guys I have EVER had in my life! He is my best friend, a shoulder to cry on, and someone I can make fun of and joke around with (which is mostly what I do). I can honestly say.....I LOVE YOU MATTHEW ALLEN GREEN! Thank you for always being there for me through everything...... I'm happy to say that you will be the person that will be starting the next 100 chapters of my life (blog) I know you are SOOOO SUPER EXCITED for

Here is a picture of my ring.......Matthew did a VERY good job!

The story......

Begins in the day of our 3 year Anniversary....
We were getting ready to go to the "Luck of the Irish" dinner in Marshall, MO. We were heading to it and Matt passed the high school were it is held. I said " Matt, goofball, you just passed it" he said "No I didn't " .....So we keep driving and driving......and I'm like "MATT WHERE ARE WE GOING"....he keeps on saying "luck of the Irish,....luck of the Irish"... SO we keep driving and driving.....

Finally, I realized we were going to The Pear Tree, since it was far away (aproximately 1.5 hours). SO I say " I know where we are going" he says "where" I said "we are going to the Pear Tree" he was like yeah your right that's where we are going......

so we get there and it's literally in the middle of nowhere in this tiny, tiny town....we walk in and it's PACKED! We get placed at out table and we are seriously just about sharing a table with some random couple. (kind of put a damper on the romaticness of the night...if that's even a We eat dinner and chit chat. Then head back to Marshall.

Finally, when Matt and I got home all I wanted to do was lay in bed and finish our movie we were watching earlier in the Matt wanted to do was talk in the So I went in the kitchen and he hugged me and put his arms around me....blah, blah, blah....he was smiling and acting all goofy then he kissed me and said "WILL YOU MARRY ME"? I said "shut up" and he said "NO, seriously will you marry me? and pulled out a I smiled and kissed him and said YES!!!!

                                                   THE END!!!

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