Friday, January 21, 2011

What a WEEK!!

First things first, I HATE the snow! That's all I got to say about

Also, something else I want to get off my chest.....
Just because your at a well established club, doesn't mean you are "the shit" especially if you are in MARSHALL, MO. Just because someone young is waiting on you doesn't mean they are below you....If the ppl I dealt with new I have a full-time job besides my part-time job, and a MASTERS degree, they definitely wouldn't be treating me like I'm a trashy white girl that is waiting table to help pay my rent or to buy my drugs for the week, I swear some ppl have NO respect for others. What really cracks me up is when they come into my office wanting to take some part-time classes and are asking me what they need to do to help them pay for their schooling I will be laughing at their face (inside my head) because they will realize I was the waitress that they thought was a poor college kid needing to make my rent for the now they are coming to me for HELP...UGH SOMETIMES I WISH I COULD BE A BITCH! Don't worry thought.....KARMA is one....and she will get hers.....LOL!

People need to be more aware of their surroundings and not so wrapped up in themselves, and maybe people would stop shooting people in the head, committing suicides, and marriages would actually last instead of tear apart, and teenagers will stop having unprotected sex, and stop drinking and doing drugs at a young age.....SERIOUSLY ppl, you are the reason why we are the way we are......think about it!Don't feel sorry for the victims of these issues, feel sorry for the people that are too selfish to see and understand that you are the reason for these tragedies......

For an example, there was a person who committed suicide this week and he called out for help several times by trying to reach out to anyone by posting status' on FB and do you think anyone reached out to him? NO, he ended up shooting himself in the chest....His aim wasn't to kill, but guess what? He bled to death waiting for someone to help him.....Now, if you were one of the people to read his post days before telling you to "pray everyday" I hope you take his words and soak in them, cause ppl are to concerned with themselves to help should be ashamed!

OK I apologize for this blog.....but I just needed to, and it feels much better to vent and post it on the World Wide Web then to vent to myself and keep it in my THANK YOU INTERNET!

P.S.Don't be afraid!

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