Monday, January 31, 2011

ABC America This Morning: Woman Falls into Fountain While Texting

Well, first off......I ran the Groundhog Run in KC, this Sunday. I ran the 5k in 23:53 and was 9/59 im my age division (25-29yrs old). I haven't looked yet to see what I placed overall, but I am kind of interested to see where I placed since there were 3,500 particpants. The biggest race I have ever ran in my :)

SO I have come in contact with serveral video's on YouTube I would like to share with everyone this week. The first one is something that was on the news and I want to know what everyone thinks about.......I think the girl in the video got what was coming to her, she should have been paying more attention to her surrounding, I don't feel sorry for her at ALL......Apparently she is pressing charges on the individual who posted it, which I think is BOGUS! Tell me what you think.....

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